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The censored exhibition Nordkraft, Aalborg - Opening 13 september 2014

Den Gule Villa, Copenhagen - Exhibition 12-29 August 2014

Lene Lykke Davidsen Den Gule Villa Lene Lykke Davidsen Den Gule Villa

September 2012

Hanging at the Danish newspaper "Information"


2011 Roskilde Open - Censored Exhibition, Roskilde

On the one hand - on the other

My goauche "drawings" circle around the painful churning of ambivalence from one position to the other. Besides being appetizing aesthetically, the rope is useful to draw and write with, and furthermore it directly mirrors the constrictions of ambivalence, its psychological knots and the definitive way out : the gallows rope.

Gouache on paper 103x70 cm.



KE 2011 - The Artists Autumn Exhibition - Censored show

On the other side

Used stamps are being collected because of the significance and value ascribed to them. In this project I cut out used stamps from their envelopes and made a collection of the stamps backside. From this normally forgotten and ignored side, namely the envelopes inner side, could an abundance of patterns be found and arranged after sort and colour. Hereby the rich variation and beauty of the inside of the envelopes is exposed and maybe appreciated. 

Lene Lykke Davidsen, KS 2011.

2011 KS The Artists Summershow - Censored exhibition, Tistrup

"Yes, NO, maybe"

As already mentioned, my gouache "drawings" focus on the painful churning of ambivalence. In this series Yes and No fight an inconclusive battle.

Gouache on paper 70x103 cm

Januar 2011

Hanging at the Danish newspaper "Information"

2010 Galleri Ellen Friling

Everything goes


This series of glassboxes shows combinations and adaptations of snapshots, patterns, writing, colours and objet trouvé. These ingredients can be applied directly or reconstructed on gouache and acrylic paintings, set on or used as the wooden background itself. The boxes are a progression of experiments with big installations on walls where I "move" a little piece of the walls in boxes. 



Boxes - Flow Gallery, Copenhagen

Camilla Augustinus invited a number of artists to choose between a selection of wooden boxes and do with them whatever they pleased. From my childhood fascination with boxes which close around treasures and secrets, I chose to enter a girls´ universe with bows of paper, ceramics, pearls or painted with stain and acrylic. Here seen with works by Lene Langhoff.

Box sides between 11 and 25 cm.

2007 KS The Artists Censored Summer Exhibition, Tistrup

Lene Eriksen

My gouache "drawings" focus - as mentioned - on the painful churning of ambivalence. This series carries my maiden name and was made while I was speculating on identity and change of name in connection with marriage.

Gouache on paper 103x70cm

2007 Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sjælland

- And what resembles

In this group exhibition we worked with a colour-coded hanging.


Still-lifes on monocrome backgrounds

The inspiration to my images was found in the inexhaustible world of man-made objects and organic forms. In my use of colour and forms I try to reach a satisfying position between balance and stimulation. At times space is suggested, at times the images seem to hover freely, as there is an alternation between flat and spacious elements.     

 Acrylic on canvas


Pattern Paintings

Here I blow up everyday patterns found on foodpacking and wrapping and on the envelope innersides from my "On the other side" project. Again to expose the beauty and abundance of the rather unnoticed patterns and pay my respect to the anonymous makers of them.    



Works on paper

My paper works are simple and variations besides from the motives and their placement consists of the colour combination between choice of paper and goauche. My intention is that paintings and paper works are mixed.